Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dyse One: The Collection - Back 2 Da Hood Mixtape

img src: DJ Prymetyme & Jake One
Heads are gettin ready for Magic 2008 which is soon 'round the corner. Dyse One: The Collection has teamed up with DJ Prymetyme of San Diego (once a Seattlite) who now resides in Vegas. PT drops it hard for the gangsta in all of us by brining it Back 2 Da Hood in mixtape fashion. Peep the tracklisting below and click here to download.
1.Back 2 Da Hood- Intro
2. Loked Out Hood- DJ Quick
3. I'm Dat Nigga- Gangster Ern
4. Be True To Yourself- 2nd II None
5. Funky Song- Low Profile
6. Squeeze The Trigger- Ice T
7. Ambitionz Az A Ridah- 2 Pac
8. Once Upon A Drive By- Boo Yaa Tribe
9. Fuckin' Wit Dank- MC Pooh
10. 187 Proof- Spice One
11. Lord Have Mercy- Da Lench Mob
12. Growin' Up In Da Hood- CMW
13. The Brew Took Me Under- MC Eiht
14. How The Youth's Get Into Gangs- Reporter
15. If You Don't Work, You Can't Eat- WC & The Madd Circle
16. The Struggle Is On!- Green Eyez
17. Steady Mobbin'- Ice Cube
18. Jackin' Fo' Malt Liquor (St. Ides)- Ice Cube
19. (Tupac) Real With My Music- 2 Pac
20. You Know I Had 2 Gat Ya'- Brotha Lynch Hung
21. Sherm Stick- Jayo Felony
22. My Opinion- Mc Mall
23. Chillin' On The West Side- Boo Yaa Tribe
24. Going Down'- Celly Cel