Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Allentown, PA Hardest Charged With Homicide

I found this image of some cat on the right funny in two ways. One is them lions on the feet. The second being a Jay Barz look-a-like in Allentown, PA. See the resemblance? Though I don't think dude in the cuffs can rap as good. Click here for the full news article and click here to learn more about Tactown's own, Jay Barz. h/t SDSU

Torres was driving on Turner Street Friday afternoon when he was pulled over by police and arrested. He was wearing a hooded sweartshirt with a skull-head pattern on it, pajama bottoms and fuzzy lion-faced slippers at the time. He was still wearing the get-up when he was arraigned after midnight at Lehigh County prison.