Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Program Day 1 - Live Blogging

8:21 PM (PST) - Unexpected Arrival is on stage doin soundcheck.

approximately 10 minutes later....

8:31 - First sign of concert goers entering the venue and taking place in front of the stage.

8:37 - Looks as though DV One is on the decks warm'n the crowd up. It's a cold evening in Seattle.

8:39 - The crowd is startin to fill the few front "rows" of this standing room only show.

8:40 - Some kid just put on a Swollen Members tee. Looks as though he just copped it at the show since all of a sudden he's made into an instant fan.

8:47 - DV One plays N.W.A.'s Fuck The Police (very appropriate considering what he's gone through)

8:51 - "911 is a joke in your town!"

8:53 - The crowd is filling the floor rapidly, just a few more rows of people before it hits the back barricade.

8:59 - Mic check ("check, check, check....... check, check... check, check.... check, check, check, check.... 1, 2... 1,2...")

9:01 - Sonny Bonoho gets the party started as the masters of the ceremony on hosting duties.

9:03 - Siren's Echo is the first act to perform... my first time hearing of this group.

9:04 - Siren's Echo looks to be a female duo backed by a DJ (didn't catch his name). "Don't be alarmed, I know there's two females up here, but it's hip-hop."

9:08 - The DJ's name is Wheelz or maybe it's Wheels. Siren's Echo is on their second song.

9:13 - Third song performed by Siren's Echo.

9:15 - "It's that 206 Love" Siren's Echo on their fourth.

9:18 - Wish I knew the names of these songs.... I'm diggin this fifth song they're performing. The beat reminds me of something Groove Theory would be on. This group has a hint of Floetry and Salt 'N Pepa as well. With a little rappin and a little singin in their arsenal makes me wanna learn more of this group.

9:23 - Song number six got a nice head knockin beat.

9:27 - Siren's Echo finishes strong with a song that makes you wanna run up on their MySpace page or website to hear more music. Seven songs ain't too shabby for a show opener.

9:32 - "This is for all my b-boys and b-giiiirls!" Last song of the set... I stand corrected, eight songs deep for a show opener "ain't too shabby." Thanks to The Program, I got Siren's Echo locked on the radar and they should be on yours too!

9:34 - Siren's Echo set is done.... they mention that they have two albums out and one mixtape especially for The Program.

9:40 - Sonny Bonoho back on the mic. He throws a shout out to the sponsors, Sync Live. Sonny "forgets" that it's an all ages show. Sonny shouts out The Stranger.

9:45 - Unexpected Arrival hits the stage. DJ Money D puts on a little Alan Parson's Project introducing Neema. The crowd got their hands moving up and down!

9:47 - Unexpected Arrival gets into his first song of his set, The Weatherman!

9:49 - "Stick and move... move somethin.... that's how hustler's do!"

9:51 - Neema preps the stage before getting into his third song. He asks for the lights to be dimmed. The crowd got their lighters or cell phones flipped open and in the air.

9:54 - Unexpected Arrival onto his fourth song. I like the beat, and the crowd seems to agree since all their hands are up in the air.

9:55 - Neema is out on the floor rockin the crowd.

9:57 - Song number six... Neema is performin that one track I first heard about a year ago featuring Joe Budden along with another local rapper. The name seems to escape me at the moment.

10:01 - Whispers In The Wind

10:07 - Hat Low

10:10 - "New shit..." don't know the title of the track.

10:18 - That's the end of Unexpected Arrival's set. Can't say it was the best performance by him, but the crowd was into it by the show of hands constantly in the air and following the direction of Neema and his hypeman. Neema comes with it, unfortunately for tonight his voice catches the best of him. Hope he gets it back soon. All in all, the crowd was behind him!

10:31 - Sonny Bonoho is back on the stage. Swollen Members up next. Sonny goes "yeaaaaaarrrrrggghh" crazy! LOL

10:39 - Sam Chesneau on the cam.

10:58 - It's been a good half hour since the last act finished. I'm sure heads are wondering where the Swollen Members are.

11:09 - "Are you reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaddddddyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Sonny Bonoho is crunk. Looks like Swollen Members are in the building soon to come on stage. Chants of "swollen, swollen, swollen...." rock the house. Sonny says the crowd ain't loud enough!

11:11 - Swollen Members finally hit the stage!

11:15 - The group is on their stage performance shit. Definitely know how to rock a crowd. Random dude is crowd surfing and everyone is jumpin.

11:18 - This has got to be the livest the crowd has been thus far. Swollen Members have a polished showcase. Erryone is involved. Fcukin octopus hands in the air.

11:29 - The group just finished a song that was "too hot" and involved trotting.

11:30 - This time 1/3 of Swollen Members is crowd surfing.

11:35 - Groupies on stage dancing. BOO!

11:37 - Groupies make their way off the stage. One even gets a hug, the other wonders, "where's my hug at?"

11:41 - Swollen Member say they're gonna play one more song.... finally, we can move on to the next act.

11:43 - This time there's three people crowd surfing at once. Somehow, these dudes find their way to the stage and be man crushin on Swollen Members. Get the fcuk off the stage fanboy!

11:46 - Someone in the crowd throws around a water bottle lasso style as the crowd gets skeet'd on by some H2O.

11:48 - Will we all have to wait a good 45 minutes for Blue Scholars to hit the stage like Swollen Members did?

11:53 - Free shit was just thrown from off the stage... I believe it's a t-shirt. Soon after three people lasso that bottled water skeet'n all over the people 'round him/her with a blast of H2O spray.

11:58 - Sonny Bonoho is back on the stage. Directs the crowd to make some noise. He's rockin a Massline t-shirt. He proclaims he's a rapper and an entrepreneur. Classic Sonny ackin a fool on stage demonstrating his BB Skates. Go cop that shit for the kids! Sonny is definitely juiced up on that brown juice. Someone get that dude some water. RAWR!!!!!

12:03 AM - "Whassup Seatown?!" -Geologic

12:04 - The beat drops... Blue Scholars officialy on stage!

12:06 - Geo shouts out Siren's Echo, Neema, and Swollen Members on the evening.

12:10 - Sabzi rockin the "WE RUN SEA" red sweatshirt which you can cop at Laced Up. Grynch is brought up to the stage. Everyone gets a sneak peak as to what to expect when he's on The Program later on in the week. Grynch has had a steady buzz around his name. Keep you eye out for him.

12:15 - "Turn off your radio, turn off your stereo..."

12:18 - 50,000 Deep

12:20 - Ra Scion is on stage... but they need to get him a better mic. Either that or I'm losing my hearing.

12:27 - So, after attempting to refresh the live stream, it appears to be down. That's the end of the show I guess. This was an interesting experience for me blogging live as I saw the show. I believe Sync Live will have this show archived. So do a little sleuthing and I'm sure you'll find it.

12:34 - Connection has been re-established. The party ain't over yet. This time the live band (Big World Breaks) is now backin up Blue Scholars.

12:38 - Modest Mouse

12:42 - "jump on it, jump on it, jump on it!"

12:44 - Big World Breaks gettin their jam session on!

12:45 - Sabzi just cranked it and Superman'd dat hoe!

12:51 - The Ave.

12:57 - The video to the live stream froze, but I'm still receiving audio.

1:01 - Blink

1:07 - Welcome to the good life, Seattle edition.

1:10 - Gabriel Teodros jumps on stage.

1:18 - The show has come to an end. That's a wrap for Day 1 of The Program.

1:19 - Sonny Bonoho sayin goodnight and goodbye to everyone, "stay blessed!"