Monday, December 31, 2007

Geo Reflects on the Program

img src: Ryan Lewis
Geologic of Blue Scholars gets interviewed by Mark Baumgarten of Seattle Sound Magazine now that The Program has wrapped up. Geo co-signs on The Physics as well. Click here for the full article.

SS: I’m sure there were a lot of first exposures there. Is there any one artist that you’re most proud of exposing to that audience?
Geo: Kind of, yeah. I mean, for the most part, everyone that was put on the Program has some experience packing shows, more-so to smaller venues: the Chop Suey, the Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma, things like that. But as far as Neumo’s-sized crowd, I was really excited to see my dudes the Physics rock. I mean, I’ve come to know them as good friends this year, but I’m actually a fan, more than that—as much a homie as a fan.