Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seattle Chief Rockers

There's a new DJ Collective in the town. Some of the names are familiar and they've come together like Voltron. Click here to check out the Seattle Chief Rockers website!

It’s not where your from but where your at fam… We are Seattle based DJs that have come together to form a DJ Collective with a shared interest in music and rockin’ parties and clubs through out the Pacific Northwest. We aren’t in this game as a passing fad and many of us have 15+ years behind our belts in the DJ & music game. Our focus is to continue to promote and represent the city that we live in and to keep our prosperous and sometimes strugglin’ music scene moving forward. We work with promoters, clubs and bars in Seattle that we respect and that support our art form as deejays. Stay Tuned Indeed.

- Seattle Chief Rockers