Friday, October 26, 2007

Capitol 1524

Capitol 1524 has been goin thru some changes as of late. They recently added a blog as well at Read below as to what's new!

A Fresh Start
Many of you probably have noticed Capitol 1524 has been in an idle mode for the past couple of months. There have been a bunch of rumors surrounding the future of the store.

Previously, Capitol 1524 was owned by Mark and Joe. Mark decided to step down and we wish him the best in his endeavors.

Knowing Joe still has love for the sneaker game, Mark gave Joe the first opportunity to find a team to takeover the shop and bring it to the next level. We've already changed some things around the shop, with many more changes for the better to come.

We celebrated the buyout of Capitol 1524 with the TAKEOVER Sale (40% off Nike/Jordan products and 50% off of everything else) which is still going on for our older inventory. There's still a bunch of dope kicks so come add to your collection before everything runs out!!!

On October 26, we will be releasing our first shipment of new shoes, the Halloween Pack, with regular shipments of new product on the way. Keep checking our new blog for updates on new shipments and events.

The new squad at Capitol,
Adrien, Bruce, Chikara, Joe, Nate