Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jay-Z = American Gangster

img src: Damon Winter

Jay-Z is to produce a soundscape inspired by the upcoming release of the American Gangster film coming out on November 2nd. The New York Times link is at the end.

Mr. Scott said he cast the rappers T. I., RZA and Common in supporting roles, hoping to appeal to a younger audience. But Brian Grazer, the film’s producer, said that Mr. Washington also pressed him more than a year ago to consider asking Jay-Z to do the film’s soundtrack.

“I just didn’t think there’d be enough for Jay-Z to do,” Mr. GrazerMr. Scott felt the movie required an authentic 1970s feel. said, explaining that he resisted because he and

Instead Jay-Z offered to make his own album and release it in conjunction with the movie; Def Jam is also releasing the film’s official soundtrack, which features songs by Bobby Womack, the Staple Singers and Sam & Dave. Jay-Z plans to attend the film’s premiere but any cross-promotion deals have not been completed, executives said. The movie’s trailer already includes an older Jay-Z song, “Heart of the City."

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