Saturday, August 18, 2007

Schoolgirls Fight Back With Panty Kryptonite

img src: Erik Pawassar
Just at the library gettin my free leisurely Saturday internets on and came across this in the latest Wired magazine (appears both online and in print). Pervs, time to step your camera technology game up... way up!

For years, schoolgirls have had to be vigilant about jerks with cameras trying to get a panchira (panty-glimpse) up their skirts. But they have an even creepier problem now: Clever degenerates are modifying their videocam's night-vision mode to see right through fabric, revealing all. Enter textile company Cramer Japan, which has developed a nylon and polyurethane weave that blocks infrared rays. The result? ShotGuard Inner Shorts, panties that are impervious to pervs. Adding to the deterrent is that the $17 underwear is available only in a fetish-stifling beige. Next up for Cramer: voyeur-resistant bras. --Brian Ashcraft