Sunday, August 19, 2007

Miz (RLC) VS. Brainstorm (Dyme Def) as heard on KEXP Streetsounds

So, I'm rollin up to Seatown after visitin the rents and after following this whole situation with Miz of RLC goin at the Dyme Def camp, what the fcuk do I hear on the radio? I hear a familiar voice and sounded like Miz as well as SP were in the studio on B-Mello's Streetsounds show.

Both tracks goin at Dyme Def were played from Miz and SP during the 6 o'clock hour if my memory serves me correctly.

Afterwards, B-Mello asked Miz why he was goin at Dyme Def in response he indicated that an innocent bystander known as a mutual friend of both parties unexpectedly was caught in the crossfire triggering the exchange of words on wax/mp3/record (whatever you may call it). Sounds like this could get interesting. Though IMO it's nothing. However, it's better heard on the stream at KEXP than for me to even attempt to explain what was airing at the time. The archived stream of this should be up tomorrow clicking here.

At the end of the day, all I really got from this was that Miz is challenging anyone and everyone within the city. From the sound of it, he doesn't mind being tested. Anyone else catch Streetsounds this evening? Let's bully! (c) Wilmer Valderrama

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