Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blue Scholars - Dawn (Instrumental)

Below in italics you'll find some words on the digital release of the instrumental for Dawn from the Mass Line Media website. Click here to download the track if you're diggin the tune.

"If you slept around the time Bayani dropped (ah say what, you haven't copped the album yet?) -- there was an interweb-only release/EP/radio advance/whateveryouwannacallits for the first single, Back Home. Tugging on the coattails of this first single is the 3-minute instrumental called Dawn. According to Sabzi, this didn't make it onto the album because there was no space on the album for this little diddy (no sean puffy) to play in. I'm diggin' the melodies and summer-type feel to it. And so, you long marcher you, enjoy Dawn. Maybe even put it on a burned mix CD if your partner is named Dawn. Or be really corny and play it when the sun is coming up and you're getting ready for your morning jog. Or be really productive and bump it while you're washing dishes (i'll let you figure that one out)."